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Crew Members

Below are a selection of the vital team members we have at hand all skilled in different areas, but working as one to ensure your event is covered perfectly:



With strong leadership from our Medical Advisor Dr. Ritesh Sinha, we at Quad Medical are proud to have over 15 highly skilled specialist Doctors on our multi-disciplinary team.


They attend many of the sporting and high risk events that we cover throughout the year and are essential to all events where crowd capacities exceed 10,000 people.


Quad Medical are very fortunate to have a large number of Nurses who specialise in Trauma Care, High Dependency Care and Acute Medicine.

These experienced professionals are adept at working in fast paced highly pressurised environments dealing with anything from minor injuries to assessment and management of the acutely and critically ill patient. 

Ambulance Crews (Paramedics)

Our expert Paramedics are found at all high capacity events.

As leading professionals in the pre-hospital care setting, they are always equipped with drugs and specialised equipment for the treatment and transfer of patients. 

Ambulance Crews (EMT)

Professionals in pre-hospital care our EMT’s are adept at dynamically risk assessing and treating patients.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge they are on hand to lead and assist our junior members of staff.

First Aiders & First Responders

First Aiders and Responders comprise the largest portion of the Quad Medical team and are the absolute back bone of the event medicine industry. Each member will have at minimum completed a five day first aid course, with most normally having undertaken extended training to be competent in the use of medical gasses and defibrillators.

Welfare Staff

With a diverse and ever expanding events industry we have at the request of our clients put together a small team of welfare staff.

These include Drug and Alcohol workers, Social Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses and people with festival experience to help support our multi disciplinary team at large scale events.

At Quad Medical we pride ourselves on being innovative and forward thinking and are continuously working with our clients to build on our service provision. From sourcing and providing specially requested Spanish speaking Medics to purchasing and equipping specialist vehicles we are committed to providing high quality patient care in every environment.

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