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Event & Festival Welfare

Event & Festival Welfare plays a major roll in ensuring your visitors and guests are safeguarded in a comfortable environment at all times. These facilities are ideal for those that don't require medical assistance, but need somewhere to relax and take some time out.

Quad Medical can provide a complete solution for your every welfare requirement. We use specialist staff who are well experienced in the event welfare scene and are always ready to offer a listening ear for anyone who needs it!

We provide fully self contained welfare facilities which includes UK first concepts in terms of equipment. Our logistics department, Quad Logistics, can ensure we have off-grid power and water supplies, enabling us to be set up anywhere, even if there are no utilities available.

Our flagship flight cased equipment can be wheeled in and set up in no time and transform into sofas, plus much more! The equipment we use looks completely at home at music events, including festivals and venues due to their unique design.

We also use fully customised, informative, drug awareness and information posters tailored to the type of event you are holding offering advice and useful facts.

Quad Medical takes every scenario into account when operating at your event or venue and we continue to provide the best level of medical and welfare services available. For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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