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Patient Capacity Solutions

Quad Medical Limited and its staff have become specialists in providing treatment and care in temporary and unique environments. From festival fields to warehouses, the Quad Medical Team are flexible, adaptive and responsive to their surroundings and in the provision of 'field hospitals'.

To enhance service provision QML have invested in two Jumbulances. The Jumbulances are buses that have been adapted to a high calibre to house four patient bays inside each vehicle.

Historically the NHS has used both Jumbulances to create instant additional patient capacity in times when the service is under extreme pressure.


For more information  please view our Jumbulance booklet  by clicking the button below or contact us at

bus new 2.jpg

Healthcare Logistics

Quad Medical Limited have spent the last few years specialising in providing temporary medical facilities at numerous locations and festivals across the country.  Being able to establish temporary medical facilities in any terrain soon became a specialism for our team. Over the past few years we have concentrated on implementing  practices, processes and policies that support our field logistics. This ensures that no matter what venue or site we establish our services at, our care remains consistent and to a high standard.


This has also meant that we have amassed a wealth of resources from patient beds, observation and monitoring equipment to decontamination tents, heaters and staff welfare resources. 


With a vast number of colleagues and contacts with in the events industry network we are able to establish temporary structures which include electricity, washing and toileting facilities and heating. 


For more information please read our logistics booklet below 

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