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Quad Medical Limited's emergency ambulances are ready for your event. Each blue light ambulance comes fully equipped to deal with emergencies.


They are fully sign written to ensure they can be found easily and come with fully skilled paramedics and blue light drivers.


They are used at the majority of events and are ideal for transporting patients to hospital quickly and comfortably.


Fully fitted with radio communication, siren and blue lights, they are a vital piece to the Quad Medical infrastructure.


The Jumbulances are buses that have been adapted to a high calibre to house four patient bays inside each vehicle.

Historically the NHS has used both Jumbulances to create instant additional patient capacity in times when the service is under extreme pressure.


Each patient bay comes equipped with patient monitoring including: Cardiac monitoring, Blood pressure monitoring,  pulse oximetry,temperature and blood sugar monitoring. Every bed space has piped oxygen and suction. Power outlets are also available for additional equipment. Onboard each bus is a sink with running water for hand washing, alongside alcohol hand gels. 

bus blue light2.jpg

Quad Medical Limited's city cars include the Smart Car Ambulance and Twizy. Both are ideal for events with hard to reach places.


Fully equipped with everything needed, including oxygen, resuscitation equipment, drug and first aid kits and a defibrillator, it is the ultimate mini ambulance.


Being fully sign written makes them easy to spot and just like our fully sized vehicles they are fitted with radio communications, sirens and blue lights.


Our city cars can simply reach places that a standard ambulance cannot, thus making them a great asset to have at any event.

Emergency Ambulances


City Cars


4X4 Vehicles

Our 4x4 Off-Road Rapid Response Vehicles have been essential to us reaching patients safely at a variety of events, especially those off road or involving harsh terrain.

Fully equipped to respond to emergencies, they are ready to assist with any eventuality or incident that may occur. Radio communication enables us to remain in contact with the rest of the team at all times and each vehicle is also fitted with blue lights and sirens.


Being multi purpose vehicles, they are also used for the transporting of our off road ATV's, which, when together, make the ultimate off road medical package.



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